SUV Comparison

How To Do A SUV Comparison

Sports utility vehicles or SUV's started gaining recognition in the later part of the 80's and 90's. These are essentially huge seven passenger vehicles, which have engines similar to the ones in small trucks. An average full size SUV will come with an engine capacity depicted in CC/liters, which can be up to 5 -7 liters. Typically, the size of these vehicles has a tendency to boost the fuel consumption. Besides that, the increased features and large air conditioning unit within the car also helps to contribute to the boost in fuel usage. These characteristics of the large and regular size SUVs have sparked lots of criticism and most people cannot afford to maintain the regular models.

The mid-size models had been introduced by most companies to resolve this issue. The following is a SUV Comparison for the mid-size models to help you make a decision when shopping for the best small SUV.

Features and Specifications

According to the existing markets, in order to buy one of the mid size vehicles this can set you back $19,000 to $87,400. If you are able to budget in this price range you can get customized specifications and much better interior. However, the best gas mileage SUV for mid size is provided by the hybrid models and there are suppliers who have initiated the advancement of fuel cells. According to the comparison for 2010 mid size vehicle, Toyota highlander hybrid will be one the excellent choices when it comes to eco-friendly features.


The following are some small details to consider when shopping for the safest SUV:

You need to examine the engine capacity, which is provided in liters or CC. More capacity will mean more fuel.

Besides the normal fuel consumption, it's also possible to investigate gas mileage which is suggested by the Environmental Protection Agency. A better economy suggests a superior car.

You also need to examine the safety elements on the car, including electronic stability system; standard air bags; side air bags; back-up sensing devices, and so on.

Porsche Cayenne SUV

The insurance for this SUV is also important so it is essential to confirm the expenditure for this when shopping. Tentative estimates and forecasted premium may also be approximated. You will definitely have to think about insurance related details since the expenditures will be compliance in different states.

Finally, you need to examine the auto parts on the SUV. In case the model is a popular one on the SUV ratings, it will be expensive and problematic to find and repair damaged parts in the future.