SUV Comparison

Suv Comparison

SUV Battle: SUV Comparison At Its Best

The market for cars has fluctuated between advantages and disadvantages over different brands. One such battle is the battle for SUVs and the difference is in the different available trims and features. Here, three of the largest car manufacturers battle it out so you would know which is the best SUV out there. Do keep in mind, however, that the trimmings of the cars here are maximized so as you can figure out which one will be the best SUV for the money. New SUVs from Toyota, Chevrolet and Land Rover are the ones being compared here, as SUV ratings have deemed the three as the top picks for an SUV comparison.

The Toyota Land Cruiser 4WD, as expected from Japanese car manufacturers, has better fuel economy compared to the Chevrolet Tahoe and the Land Rover Range Rover, having a combined fuel economy of 15 MPG (miles per gallon), as compared to the Tahoe’s 13 MPG and the Range Rover’s 14 MPG. It has a seating capacity of eight persons compared to the two cars that can only seat seven and five people respectively. The legroom of the Land Cruiser is also more spacious compared to the two American cars, and the Smart Key system is a standard for the Land Cruiser, as it is only an optional deal for the Tahoe and is not available for the Range Rover.

 Toyota Land Cruiser 4WD

But this SUV comparison is just getting started. Priced slightly above $50,000, the Tahoe is the cheapest one in the bunch. The Tahoe’s standard V8 engine accepts gas like the rest of the cars in this SUV comparison, but the bonus with this engine is that it also accepts ethanol, making it possible to be fuel-efficient. 

Front tow hooks are available for the Tahoe, showing that it was definitely made for traversing rough terrain.

Yet, this SUV comparison is still not over, for the Land Rover Range Rover has yet to show its great capabilities in comparison to the Tahoe and the Land Cruiser. The cruising range of the Range Rover is a whopping 386, as compared to the 369 of the Land Cruiser, and the Tahoe did not even bother showing its statistics. Its ground clearance, when compared to the two, is higher, therefore having a much better chance of not damaging your undercarriage from humps or bumps. And the 27.6-liter capacity of the Range Rover has the biggest capacity among the three.

The truth is, there is no single great SUV out there. It still depends on the needs of different people, and how they will use the car. Therefore, it is up to you, your needs and even your budget will determine the right SUV for you.

2011 VW Amarok - SUV - © NRMA

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